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Things I witnessed while peering between my fingers.

7 Oct

Have you ever seen someone’s eye get sliced open? I have!

Alan got LASIK yesterday, and I went along out of morbid curiosity  for moral support. I’m here to tell you: it is not for the feint of heart.

I met him at the office just before his procedure. By that time he’d had about an hour to process some anti-anxiety pills they fed him, so when I greeted him in the waiting room, he was running a one-man comedy show for the benefit of his fellow patients and insisting that the drugs were doing nothing for him.

Since he was only minutes away from having parts of his eye destroyed by a laser, I’m thinking the drugs were definitely working.

When it was his time, I watched the procedure through a glass wall, seeing both Alan in real life and a magnified image broadcast on a monitor. And I kind of wanted to barf.

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