25 Jan

I live in a building that dates back to the late 1800s. As a result, my condo fees are sky-high, and there’s always some form of “routine maintenance” in progress to keep our systems operational. I love the charm and character of an older building, so I’m generally a good sport about the inconvenience of it. Even so, there are some times when it sends my day into a tailspin.

Case in point: This morning I decided to work from home since my flight to Boston departed mid-day… easier to just head straight to the airport rather than stopping by the office. I also decided to indulge and lazily work from bed up until the minute I had to hit the shower and leave for the airport. As I made these decisions at 7am, it did not cross my mind that our building was slated for servicing today.

So I’m sitting there, propped up in bed, studying spreadsheets at 10:30am, when suddenly it hits me in a flash: there was a sign in the building’s foyer cautioning that our water would be shut-off between 10-6 today for routine maintenance. I have a frightening vision of myself, unable to shower, arriving in Boston for our leadership meeting this afternoon with hair matted to my head and a general aura of funk surrounding my person.

You haven’t seen someone move as quickly as I did in that minute. I raced to the bathroom, peeling off clothes as I went, praying that the water had not yet been turned off. Fortunately, luck was with me because I was able to jump into the shower and catch a solid stream of water. I shampooed my hair in record time and was just finishing a quick rinse of conditioner when the stream reduced to a drizzle then turned to a drip and then an empty hiss.

During the two hours following my lucky shower, preceding my departure to the airport, I had ample time to rethink (and regret) some of my other decisions from the morning. Namely, the two cans of Diet Mountain Dew I consumed.

That, I suppose, is a different story. I should just thank my lucky stars that I was able to cover the basics, like not stinking on the first day of a company meeting. Or at least, any more than usual.

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