Chicago: Am I the only person…

20 Jan

…who experiences “sea legs” after crossing one of Chicago’s bridges on foot while a bus drives over it? (It bobs and sways enough that I feel like I’m walking on a trampoline afterward.)

…who looks at ice floating down the river, sees it as a game of Frogger and starts mentally selecting the chunks of ice I think would support me to get across if I needed to?


…who wonders if the pigeons that stand a bit too close to Chicago’s Eternal Flame when warming themselves ever stand there too long and become roasted chicken for the homeless?

…who finds it odd how empty the downtown streets are around 6pm on a weeknight? I’ve never seen another city where so many people routinely get off work at 5pm on the dot. I thought that was a myth of the 50s.

…who doesn’t understand why homeless people stay in Chicago when they could panhandle in warmer climates?

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