Facial Hair

16 Jan

This is a photo my friend Joel. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been shaving his head like a cue ball. It suits him.

Tonight when I hopped on Facebook, this was his profile picture. In a thumbnail, it struck me as odd that he had sideburns, so I clicked in to view it more closely. And yes, that’s clearly a shark on his cheek. Appropriate for a guy who loves sharks and has chased them with his camera while helping film and produce documentaries for the Discovery Channel. Well done.

Thinking about hair  prompted me to remember one of my sister’s more controversial Facebook posts. Back in December, her status update was:

A friend had this poll on his FB page: ‘Which mustache type should I engage in tomorrow? 1: Lampshade 2: After Eight 3: Boxcar 4: Regent 5: Pencil 6: Skip it – Soul Patch.’ I’m thinking of using it the next time I go for a wax.

The most awesome thing about this post? The first comment on it was by her eleven-year-old son, who wrote:

MOM… There are some things you don’t write about when my FRIENDS can see this.

Well said, little man.

Unfortunately for my nephew, I like to fan the flames when it comes to my sister’s humor. This means thats tomorrow, I’m definitely going to have to share Joel’s photo with her and suggest that she visit her waxer to see if she can pull off “The Shark.”

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